De L’île Rousse à Calvi

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The months have passed since these few days in Corsica but I still have all these sensations, intact. I still often think of the striking beauty of Bastia at dawn, the sweetness of light on the citadel and Voce’s voices that touched my soul. I still have the throbbing heart of this meeting with me even in the gorge of Asco . I did not tell you the rest of the trip.

I arrived at dusk on the red island. The sun teased the sea of a thousand lights and the sand took ocher tones. I could have spent hours watching this particular light. And then Lili with whom I remade the world at night. Our lives, a beer, feet in the sand a moment of grace.

The next morning, as the day came, I took the trinichellu a little Corsican train dragged by an old micheline. It skirts nonchalantly clear waters of a turquoise blue. The desire is great to jump here and there. But these are just good- bye promises .

And then Calvi and its citadel. How much I love these cities with old stones steeped in history, these warm walls between shadows and light. These places where we take the height and the horizon spreads in front of us between sea and mountains. I would have liked to spend more time there. Sitting at a terrace at dusk, lulled by these accents between charcuterie and wine of character.

A little further to Pigna, I continued to open my senses. Here again a family story. Isabelle holds the kitchen with a master hand and velvet tastes. The recipes are family-generated from generation to generation. Loïc in the room that tells the menus. The father-in-law looks after the sheepfold. The products are local and come from the land. On the menu, aubergines au gratin, ewe cooked for hours and hours melting to perfection, gratins of potato and zucchini and brocciu, the base! A simple but tasty cuisine! Feel free to enjoy the terrace or the fireplace of A mandria di Pigna .

To immerse myself in my memories gives me only one desire, take a ticket immediately and take the time this time to discover this beautiful island.

Thanks Corsica Ferries , again for those so touching moments.

I slept at the Santa Maria hotel in Ile Rousse .
Here is the room:

red island hotel santa maria the rouse island

trinichellu on the road port of Calvi

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Calvi img_0479 img_0457 ramparts of Calvi the citadel of Calvi the streets of Calvi in Calvi Corsica sky in the distance the mountains and then Calvi img_8044 img_8036 img_8031 img_7962 img_0485 photography backdrops UKimg_0481

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  1. Françoise

    Quel plaisir de revoir la douceur et la beauté de ces paysages de la Balagne qui est une région de Corse que j’adore … Et en Octobre quand la foule des touristes est partie et que l’on peut profiter de la plage et de la baignade en toute tranquillité c’est encore plus merveilleux ! Les nuances ont une douceur inégalée.


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